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In defense of bull fighting.

Animal cruelty is wrong. Cruelty against animals, that is. We frown upon, or happily ignore what our parents’ generation did to cats, cat’s tails, frogs, birds nests, its inhabitants, dogs… I won’t get into cattle. Suffice it to say, we probably all have or had an uncle who did go into cattle.

non-formal dress bull fight

non-formal dress bull fight

I recently saw an opportunity to see a bull fight in an actual arena. Whereas Spain has banned the, I want to say, practice, some of its Latin American cousins see or hear no evil. So what’s wrong with giving our hoofed friends a fighting chance? More of a chance than the slaughterhouse, that is. Lined up, upside down in chains, as they are, waiting for the buzzsaw.

Half a bull will choose the arena. And by half, I don’t mean one that’s already hacked in two.

The glory

The glory

The glory… The dust, as the slightly crooked forepaw taps the ground before a charge. The thrill of skewering any of the soft bits of the beast’s tormentor. Pierce or be pierced. The glory, the gore. If you have the stomach. Or four.

But naysayers claim hunting for sport is wrong, as is the ballet of death performed upon the mighty bull. That killing animals is wrong when it has no function. Sort of like nudity in movies, but I’m drifting off.

These days most humans can get all the necessary nutrients from the part of nature that doesn’t scream at some point before landing on your plate. If you’ll accept that as a scientific fact then, arguably, eating meat becomes a mere pleasure. The things we do for the taste of bacon, say. It’s a lesson I haven’t yet fully internalized personally. Did I mention bacon?

I didn’t go to the bull fight. All things being equal, the game does seem heavily rigged in favor of the human. I could muster a lot more respect for a man in spandex fighting a tiger with his bare hands.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 07.49.33So instead I went to Machu Picchu. Someone asked the guide if the Incas performed human sacrifices. “Yes,” the man responded, and I swear to the Sun God this is true. “But only when it was necessary. For instance when it was dry, or when it rained too much.” You know, functional human sacrifices.

The place is absolutely mind-boggling by the way, but I’m drifting off again.


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