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Today, Brussels looks like a lot of other places in the world.

Thinking about the victims of today’s atrocities.
Thinking about tomorrow’s casualties, and all the hasty things that will be said and done.
Today, Brussels looks like a lot of other places in the world.
Bombs, whether dropped from airplanes, or put in airports, are not the answer.
As was shown last week, we are perfectly capable of catching terrorists. Longer-term, not unilateral or NATO military action, but UN-led long-term political solutions to the Syria conflict, the Yemen conflict, the Palestinian conflict, the former states of Libya and Iraq, and other smouldering results of careless interventionism, are the only way to prevent further bloodshed. The Belgian government should reassess its support of and arms sales to totalitarian governments like that of Saudi-Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt, teetering Turkey, and others. More longer-term, energy independence from the Middle East will decrease the need to play nice with governments who do not believe in human rights, women’s rights, democracy, and freedom. ‘They’ don’t hate our freedoms. They just hate that they can’t have them. ‘The’ West is a part of that puzzle, whether we like it or not.
There is a way out of this. I’m just not optimistic that our current government will choose this path.

But hey, surprise me!


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