I’m in some kind of large control tower. It is the editing room of a TV news studio, lined with screens and fat, clog-veined men. I am not a part of what’s going on. I merely observe. The men seem to be highly at risk of cardiac trouble. This is in fact what they’re saying to each other, half-jokingly but still. Then all of a sudden, it’s the end the world. Is there an extraterrestrial ploy at hand? Fact of the matter however is a giant tsunami washing away over the whole earth. From the vantage of the tower one sees the liquid horror approaching. Somehow there is no panic though. One character, also a tv director sits outside at sort of a bank at the foot of the tower. The one thing that he relishes to lose is his spoiled wife.

Somehow though at the eleventh hour she manages to drive her drop-top mini up to the embankment and is saved. The water kills everyone on the planet save those at the tower. Next, the wife stands on a glass promontory, underneath which washes the lethal water. From that same viewpoint (underneath) I see cracks appearing in the transparent platform. The tv director perceives it too but keeps quiet. Will he tell her or not? Eventually he does pull her off the dangerous ledge and saves her.


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