The righteous men by Sam Browne

The righteous men by Sam Browne

71x1zOsOibL._SL1386_Just finished reading this book. If you don’t wanna have the plot spoiled for you, don’t read on. The main character of the book is a rookie New York Times journalist whose wife gets kidnapped. The trail leads him first and foremost into Crown Hights, Hassidic Jewish turf. It is indeed they who are holding the hapless woman.

Meanwhile a number of people are being killed worldwide. They are the so-called 26 righteous men; saintly men that perform deeds of unprecedented goodness in all anonymity that according to Jewish tradition uphold the world against the commonness, the sins of all other human beings.

The people that are killing them turn out to be supersessionist messianic Christians that wish to usher in the end of the world; the moment where Jesus comes charging back to cast his final judgment on each and everyone. Funny enough, last Thursday I sat talking to friend about the crazy messianics that are known for their so-called pro-Israel stance, for the fact that they spare no resources to get Jews to go to Israel. In support of the state of Israel, they espouse views that would make the most avid of Likudniks blush. Indeed, anything that reeks of compromise with loathsome Arabs is condemned with unprecedented zeal.

They seem to believe that Jesus will in fact come back once all the Jews are reassembled in the Holy land. But ay, here’s the rub; On this sacred day, the Jews will have to accept the true calling of God or face immediate destruction.

Indeed, every advise they have for Israel, every policy that they subscribe to is a recipe to bring about ill times, not in some far away realm of time, but right here, right now in this day ‘n age. It is to be expected that in their modern day prophecising they look to Iran as the bringer of God’s wrath.


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